Website Advice, Setup, Restructuring & Marketing Services

A good, up to date website is an essential marketing tool for every business, regardless of how large or small, or who it is aimed at.

We notice that in compiling our directory, a huge number of websites don’t have SSL Certificates, or don’t have their own domains, or are not mobile friendly, or contain out of date content, or are not optimised for Google. Or, they don’t even have a website of their own and rely solely on a Facebook page.

Through our involvement with Independent Web Marketing, we have set up a low cost dedicated service for businesses on Lewis and Harris to either set up a new website or to restructure an existing one that is not performing to its full potential. Our main objectives are to explain what the key fundamentals are and why they are important, and to ensure they are in place, so you have a firm foundation to build on in the future.

If you’d like help with your website, call us on 01526 352919, or visit