Lochs on the Isle of Lewis

The Isle of Lewis is home to numerous lochs, many of which are important for fishing and wildlife. It is estimated there are over a thousand lochs, ranging in size from small, shallow pools to larger, deeper bodies of water.

Some of the most notable lochs on the Isle of Lewis include Loch Seaforth, which is the largest loch on the island and is connected to the sea via a narrow channel, and Loch Stiapabhat, which is located near the village of Barvas and is known for its trout fishing. Other important lochs on the island include Loch Langavat, Loch Roag, and Loch Erisort.

The lochs on the Isle of Lewis play an important role in the island’s economy and culture, providing a source of food and income for local communities, as well as opportunities for outdoor recreation and tourism. Many of the lochs also have cultural and historical significance, with some containing ancient crannogs or other archaeological sites.